Bimetal Thermometer Ordering Precautions

Update:08 Jan 2018

 In the procurement and ordering bimetal thermometer sh […]

 In the procurement and ordering bimetal thermometer should generally be clear when the following points.

(1) Instrument name: such as bimetallic thermometer or electric contact thermometer.
(2) Instrument Model: The model should generally contain bimetallic thermometer code, case nominal diameter, structure, installation and notes.
(3) Measuring range: 0 - 100 ℃, -20--80 ℃ and so on.
(4) Accuracy levels: Level 1, Level 1.6, Level 2.5.
(5) Probe size, length, material.
(6) The size, length, material and connecting thread (or flange size standard) of the protective sheath should be indicated if the protective sheath needs to be configured.

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