Pressure gauge installation precautions

Update:05 Mar 2018

   Pressure meter installation is a systematic process, […]

   Pressure meter installation is a systematic process, in fact, the role of the pressure instrument itself must be completed through the entire system, the pressure meter installed correctly but also pay attention to the correct installation of the system. There are many things to note when installing pressure gauges, including the following.
   The installation of pressure gauges should be as close as possible to the measurement points. The pressure gauges should work under a short distance condition to better provide instructions to avoid slowness of indication. The installation of pressure instruments should also pay attention to the tightness of the entire system, especially in the handling of toxic and hazardous or flammable and explosive media, but also pay attention to leakage can not occur.
   Pressure meter system installation mainly includes the choice of pressure port, pipe laying and installation of the pressure meter itself. Pressure gauge pressure mouth to choose the right, in the process of determining the pressure port position should be able to ensure that the measured process parameters to be selected. The laying of the pressure instrument pipeline should take into account the accuracy of the entire system of measurement, the appropriate adjustment of the pipe position and inclination.
   Pressure meter installation should pay attention to the balance and stability of the instrument, the pressure meter itself should be mounted perpendicular to the horizontal plane, and the measuring point of the pressure gauge should be maintained at the same level with the pressure meter installed on the line, if you can not maintain the level consistent Correction of height error.
   Pressure meter may be installed in the installation of some additional equipment, such as the pressure gauge to ensure that media from corrosion, crystallization, and the installation of pressure gauges for the installation of isolation devices, or in order to ensure the anti-vibration pressure gauge installed capacity Buffers, etc. The installation of additional equipment for these pressure gauges shall ensure that no additional error will occur and the measurement accuracy of the entire pressure gauge system will not be affected.

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