Pressure gauge which phenomenon should be suspended

Update:29 Jan 2018

    Pressure gauge is suitable for measuring the pressu […]

    Pressure gauge is suitable for measuring the pressure of liquids without danger of explosion, crystallization, non-coagulation and non-corrosive effect on steel alloy, steam and gas. Gauge is a common measuring instrument, which can visually show the pressure changes in various processes, insight into the conditions of the product or medium flow process, monitor the safety of production operations in the course of movement, and through automatic interlocking or sensing device, to build A prompt and reliable safety guarantee has played an important role in preventing accidents and safeguarding people and property. It is called "safety". However, in actual production and life, pressure gauges have been neglected or used illegally, posing a safety hazard. What happens to the pressure gauge when we should stop using it immediately?
(1) Dial cover glass broken or dial scale blurred;
(2) Seal is damaged or exceeds the validation period;
(3) The table spring tube leak or gauge pointer loose;
(4) The pressure gauge with limited stop nails can not return to the stop nails when no pressure is applied. The pressure gauge with limitless nails, when the pressure gauge is zero, the value of the needle from zero exceeds the allowable error ;
(5) Other defects that affect the accuracy of the pressure gauge.

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