Pressure gauges that are most commonly used

Update:10 Apr 2018

Pressure gauges are the gauges used to monitor the pres […]

Pressure gauges are the gauges used to monitor the pressure being exerted by a certain operation. There have been developments in enhancing the functions of pressure gauges in terms of measuring the increase or decrease in pressure level.

There are two types of pressure gauges that are most commonly used. These are the traditional or regular and the filled gauges. The traditional or regular gauges are prone to the onset of the usual causes of gauge failures, which are water condensation as well as pipe vibration. Traditional or regular gauges have sensitive pinions, pivots and connecting links. Filled gauges are more reliable given its longer service life. The housing utilizes viscous oil that offsets the effects of both piper vibration and water condensation. In terms of their precision or accuracy, pressure gauges may be labeled as follows, from grade 4A or with 0.1% permissible error, up to grade D or with 5% permissible error.

Pressure gauges have two classifications, the direct reading and the indirect reading. For the direct reading gauges, particle flux that incidentally touches the surface yields some form of pressure and the level of this force employed on the exterior is calculated. For the indirect reading gauges, the pressure results when a certain gas property is altered by the gas density in the usual manner.

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