The correct use of pressure gauge

Update:05 Feb 2018

 Pressure gauge is suitable for measuring the pressure […]

 Pressure gauge is suitable for measuring the pressure of liquids without danger of explosion, crystallization, non-coagulation and non-corrosive effect on steel alloy, steam and gas. It can intuitively show the pressure changes in each process step, insight into the conditions of the product or media process to monitor the safety of production operations in the course of movement, and through automatic chain or sensing device, to build a rapid and reliable security.
 1, Dial diameter In order to enable the operator to see the pressure value accurately, the pressure gauge dial diameter should not be too small, if the pressure gauge installed higher or away from the post, the dial diameter should be increased.
 2, The accuracy of the pressure gauge with the work is allowed to account for the error of the dial scale limit expressed as a percentage. Accuracy levels are generally marked on the dial, the selection of pressure gauge, pressure equipment should be based on the level of pressure and the actual work needs to determine the accuracy.
 3, The range installed in boilers, pressure vessels on the pressure gauge, the large scale (dial scale limit) should be compatible with the working pressure of the equipment. Pressure gauge range is generally 1.5 to 3 times the working pressure of the device, so take 2 times. If the selected pressure gauge range is too large, due to the same accuracy of the pressure gauge, the larger the range, the absolute value of the allowable error and visual observation of the greater the deviation, it will affect the accuracy of pressure readings; the other hand, if the pressure gauge Measuring range is too small, the working pressure of the equipment is equal to or close to the scale limit of the pressure gauge, the pressure gauge will make the long-term elastic deformation of the state, easy to produce permanent deformation, causing pressure gauge error and reduce service life. In addition, the pressure gauge range is too small, in case of overpressure operation, the pointer across the large range close to zero, leaving the operator illusion, resulting in a greater accident. Therefore, the use of pressure gauge pressure range, should not exceed the scale limit of 60 to 70%.
 4, The pressure gauge used to measure the media if corrosive, then be sure to corrode the media according to the specific temperature, concentration and other parameters to choose a different elastic element material, or fail to achieve the intended purpose.
 5, Daily attention to the use of maintenance, regular inspection, cleaning and make good use of records.
 6, Pressure gauge general test period of six months. Mandatory test is to ensure the reliability of pressure gauge technical performance, accurate delivery of value, effective safety measures to ensure safety.

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