The Differences Between Pressure Gauge And Pressure Switch

Update:10 Aug 2018

Precisely, system pressure measurement is one of the mo […]

Precisely, system pressure measurement is one of the most important variables to measure and control in a pumping system. It provides information about system pressure and the pump or system operation, and it can be used to control the system in an efficient and reliable manner.


Pressure gauge is the simplest form of pressure measurement is with a pressure gauge. A pressure gauge is a pressure indicating device that provides a local readout of pressure to monitor the operation or condition of a process by locally indicating a quantity of pressure.


A pressure switch is a device that, after the deviation of a physical pressure, opens or closes a set of contacts. The pressure setting can typically be adjusted and is used to open or close a valve or turn a pump on or off based on the physical pressure.


Pressure gauges and switches can read, indicate and/or control based on positive, negative (vacuum) or differential pressures.


  • Pressure gauges - Simple, local read out
  • Pressure switches - Simple and adjustable


  • Pressure gauges - No transmission and no control
  • Pressure switches - On/off operation control only

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