The use and working principle of precision meter

Update:08 May 2018

The precision meter is mainly used for verification of […]

The precision meter is mainly used for verification of general pressure gauge cases, and can also be used for precise measurement of liquid gas pressure vacuum.
Precision pressure gauges can be classified into spring-tube type, bellows type, diaphragm type, bellows type, etc., depending on the elastic sensitive components. Most of what we usually do is spring tube type.

The working principle of the precision watch is to use the elastic sensitive element (such as the spring tube) to produce elastic deformation under pressure. The size of the deformation is in a certain linear relationship with the applied pressure. It is amplified by the transmission mechanism and indicated on the index plate by the pointer. Measured pressure. The elasticity sensitive element of the precision watch is generally a spring tube type, but other types of elasticity sensitive elements may also be used.

The precision pressure gauge is a flexible pressure gauge whose structural principle is: the elastic pressure gauge consists of a measuring system (including joints, elastic elements and transmission mechanisms, etc.), indicating parts (including hands and dials) and housing parts (including case and cover) The composition of the ring, watch glass, etc.) The instrument has a good seal and no sealing device, which can protect its internal measurement mechanism from contamination by mechanical damage.

The principle of the elastic gauge is based on the deformation of the elastic element (elastic tube in the measuring system). Under the action of the pressure of the measured medium, the elastic element is forced to deform (such as the end of the spring tube produces a corresponding elastic deformation) and is displaced by means of the connecting rod through the rotation of the gear rotating mechanism and is amplified to be fixed on the gear. The pointer gradually indicates the measured pressure on the index plate.

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