How long will we get a reply, after sending you our inquiry?
 We will get back to you within 12 hours on weekdays since we received the inquiry.
Are you a direct manufacturer or a commercial company?
Our company is a direct manufacturer, produces and markets all on our own.
What product can you provide?
Cover of pressure gage, cover of thermometer, stainless steel stamped parts, stamped accessories
Can you produce customized products?
Yes, we mainly produce customized products. We develop and produce products according to blueprint or sample provided by customer.
What’s your company’s production capacity?
Hangzhou Shunhao Metalwork Co., Ltd has introduced JM36 series gantry type double electric high performance press machine form Yangli Group. The machine adopts steel plate welded whole frame structure, four steel column high strength body, four corners and eight faces of high precision long rail; motor-driven tonal template, digital display; double crankshaft reverse rotation. High part precision, small erosion, high productivity, low consume, perfectly achieve the combination of quality and quantity. At present, the company has produced a variety excellent products, which include: intelligent ball shell and accessories, axial bimetallic thermometer cover, compact type thermometer cover, water temperature cover, civilian watchcase, band edge watchcase, clip-on watchcase and flanging screw-in series products.
How many employees do you have? How many mechanical equipment do you have?
Our company now owns more than 100 employees, 175 mechanical equipment.
How does your company guarantee product quality?
The company has strict control over product quality, and has established a perfect management and quality supervision system, the quality requirements should be permeated through the whole production process. From raw materials storage to final product shipment, all processes have been recorded and inspected in detail, accept strict internal and external audit , all products are traceable.
What’s your payment method?
When offering , we will confirm the trading manner with you, FOB,CIF,CNF or any other methods. In mass production, we usually pay 30% prepayment, 70% after seeing bill of lading. Most of the payment methods are T/T, L/C is also acceptable.
How are the goods shipped to the customers?
Both sea transportation and airborne can work, all according to customer’s demands. If it is urgent, we can directly express to you, the Shanghai international airport is nearby.
Where do you mainly export your goods?
Our products mainly export to US, Europe, etc.

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