Cause Analysis of Common Malfunction of Pressure Gauges

Update:22 Jan 2018

First, the pressure gauge without instructions. Reason: […]

First, the pressure gauge without instructions.
Reason: 1, the pressure on the tube off the valve is not open;
      2, pressure tube blocked;
      3, spring pipe joints too much silt accumulation of clogging;
      4, spring tube split open; 5, the central tooth and fan tooth wear too much, and can not be engaged.
Second, the pointer jitter big.
Reason: 1, the measured medium pressure;
      2, the installation of pressure gauge vibration.
Third, the pressure gauge pointer beating or sluggish phenomenon.
Reasons: 1, the pointer and the surface of glass or scale collide with Moxa;
      2, the center gear shaft bending;
      3, the two gears meshing with dirt;
      4, Connecting rod and fan gear between the activities of the screw is not flexible.
Fourth, the pressure removed, the pointer can not be restored to zero.
Reasons: 1, the pointer bend; 2, inexperienced shortness of force; 3, the pointer loose; 4, the transmission gear Mimo.
Fifth, the pressure indicator error is not uniform.
Reason: 1, spring tube deformation failure;
      2, spring tube free end and sector gear, connecting rod drive ratio adjustment is not appropriate.
Six, the transmission ratio disorders.
Seven, low instructions.
Reason: 1, the transmission ratio imbalance; 2, the spring tube leakage; 3, the pointer or transmission mechanism Mount friction; 4, the pressure pipeline leaks.
Eight, the pointer can not indicate the ceiling scale.
Reason: 1, the transmission ratio is small; 2, the movement fixed in the base position is not appropriate; 3, the spring tube welding position is not appropriate.
Pressure gauge adjustment:
    The company uses a piston-type pressure gauge to do calibration tools, will be the school pressure gauge and standard pressure gauge with the same pressure to compare their indicated values, the absolute error of the selected standard table should be generally less than 1/3 of the absolute error of the instrument being calibrated , So the error can be ignored, that the standard meter reading is the true value of the pressure. If the meter is calibrated for the standard meter reading error is not greater than the specified meter calibration error, it is considered instrumentation qualified.

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