Connecting Security Camera to Computer

Update:08 Mar 2019

Installing a home security monitoring system is a way t […]

Installing a home security monitoring system is a way to keep your home secure and protected. However, many people refrain from installing them, because they don't know what kind of security system to install. One of the best available is a home security camera. This system is inexpensive and easy to install, and offers a very high level of protection for homes.


Install the Camera

The first thing you will need to do is install the surveillance camera in the desired place. Make sure you follow the mounting instructions carefully and that the camera is focusing on the area you want. Whether you're fixing the camera on the ceiling or the wall, ensure that it is set firmly with the right screws. It's best to try placing the camera at different locations before you drill any holes to fix it. This will help you choose a place that will provide the best surveillance.

If it's a wireless camera, you have more options for installation locations. If it's a wired camera, avoid exposing a lot of the wire in order to prevent vandalism. Switch the camera on and adjust the picture to get the best reception.


Make the Right Connections

Connect your home surveillance camera to a VGA converter box. This can be done by using an RCA video cable. One end of the cable should be plugged into the yellow composite video port on the camera, and the other end into the yellow composite RCA port on the converter box.

Connect your computer monitor to the converter box through the box’s VGA port. If you have a CRT monitor, plug the VGA cable on the monitor into the converter box’s VGA port.

For an LCD monitor, you will have to use a VGA to VGA cable to connect the box to it. The cable should be connected from the VGA port on the converter box to the back of the LCD monitor where you will find the other VGA port.


Adjust the Image

Once you've plugged in your security monitoring system properly, you can also adjust the picture. You will find a three-mode resolution switch on the side of the converter box. This will allow you to set the resolution and video quality of the converted signal. Most monitors support all three resolution modes, so you need not worry about it.

Home surveillance systems can be used inside and outside homes and within your property to give you and your family complete protection. These monitoring systems can also be used with a security alarm if you are looking for a higher level of protection.

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