Explosion Proof Camera Will Not Cause An Explosion

Update:17 Oct 2018

Normal explosion-proof security equipment contains expl […]

Normal explosion-proof security equipment contains explosion proof security cameras, explosion proof security monitors, explosion proof housings, explosion proof junction boxes and explosion proof DVR lock boxes.


An explosion proof camera is one that can be used in a hazardous potentially explosive environment. This means that the camera system will not cause an explosion, rather than survive an explosion outside the enclosure. The cameras used in these environments are designed to prevent ignition of the surrounding gases or dust. They will either contain any explosion within the device, or prevent sparks exiting the device and triggering an explosion.


An explosion proof camera consists of the special explosion proof enclosure and the camera. Almost any IP camera can be used inside the special enclosure. In general, the camera and enclosure prevent ignition (or sparks) from igniting the gas or dust in the environment. This can be done in two ways, the housing can be strong enough to prevent any internal explosion from getting outside the enclosure, or it can contain inert gases that prevent the explosive gases from entering the enclosure, and causing an internal explosion.


Explosion proof camera systems are available from a number of specialized manufacturers such as Gaugecase.It is not easy to manufacture explosion proof camera systems. The difficulty includes testing, and meeting the certifications.

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