Explosion Proof Security Cameras Are Mandatory

Update:10 Jun 2019

Explosion proof security cameras are mandatory for many […]

Explosion proof security cameras are mandatory for many industrial locations. Explosion proof rated cameras and housings are used in areas such as coal mines, chemical plants, oil and gas fields etc. Explosion proof ratings are classified differently depending on surrounding gases present, the amount of time those combustible gases are lingering in the area, the flammability levels of those gases, the intensity of the gases and so on.

Explosion proof CCTV cameras are not exactly what many first assume they are. Explosion proof rated surveillance cameras are not necessarily designed to withstand an explosive blast; being sturdily built, they could survive an explosion. Frankly, not many security cameras are designed that way either. What they are designed to do is to prevent one, an explosion, from occurring when monitoring combustible or highly volatile areas. They are designed to survive in harsh or extreme environments such as gas or steam turbines, chemical processing sites, and petrochemical refineries.

Explosion proof security cameras can either be IP or analog cameras. Explosion proof IP cameras are popular in 2 megapixel resolution 1080p. Similiarly, 2 megapixel 1080p analog TVI/CVI/AHD cameras are available. There has recently been an increase in demand for 4 megapixel explosion proof IP cameras.

There are two ways to buy an explosion proof security camera. Either by purchasing the full solution, which includes the explosion proof housing along with camera built in; or by purchasing an explosion proof housing for a camera you might have already picked up. Those types of housings can come with a pan tilt zoom or just a fixed housing.

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