How the pressure gauge works

Update:31 Oct 2017

The materials used in the production of spring tubes ar […]

The materials used in the production of spring tubes are brass (H62), tin phosphor bronze (QSn4 --- 0.3), beryllium bronze (Qbe2) and stainless steel (1Gr18Niqi, sus316, sus316L), etc., these materials have their own performance and Uses are: Brass's main performance is that it has general mechanical properties and corrosion resistance, good plasticity and weldability, but its elasticity and hysteresis are large, and its use is used to manufacture non-corrosive media with high accuracy The main performance is the strength, flexibility and corrosion performance than brass, and the elastic effect and lag is less than brass, its use is the general pressure gauge spring tube with the most extensive material; beryllium bronze main performance Is a very high mechanical properties, process and corrosion resistance, elastic after effect and lag is very small, the elastic modulus and temperature is also very small, and its use for the manufacture of precision pressure gauge with a spring tube; stainless steel main performance Has excellent mechanical properties and corrosion resistance, can withstand high pressure, and the process performance is good, its use is used to manufacture anti-corrosion pressure gauge spring tube.
As the pressure gauge is through the deformation of the measuring element, through the amplification mechanism to drive the pointer rotation, which shows the pressure value, we measured the range of the general measurement room to monitor the pressure gauge, the adjustment, the most commonly used instrument is the pressure gauge The pressure gauge has four kinds of specifications: 0-0.6Mpa; 0-6 Mpa; 0-60 Mpa; 0-250 Mpa, precision pressure gauge to pay attention to the use of precision and range to be selected The From the accuracy of the instrument on the choice of precision pressure gauge should be adjusted according to the accuracy of the pressure gauge to choose, in general, adjust the 2.5, 4 pressure gauge can be used 0.4 grade precision pressure gauge; adjust the 1.6 (1.5) Can choose the 0.25 level precision pressure gauge.

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