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Update:27 Nov 2017

• Meat: Measure the temperature in the middle of the th […]

• Meat: Measure the temperature in the middle of the thickest meat of beef, pork or lamb roast, away from bones. Insert a thermistor thermometer into a burger, steak or pork chop, away from bone, fat or cartilage. If you are using a pointer bimetallic thermometer, please see "Thick Food" below. If the food is irregular in shape, the temperature needs to be measured in different places.
• Poultry: The USDA Food Safety Clearance Board recommends that all poultry have an internal temperature of 165 ° F, including chest, legs and wings. To increase safety, do not fill poultry. To fill, ensure that the inside of the fill is 165 ° F. If the shape of the food is irregular or chicken pieces, the temperature should be measured in different places. Probes can also be inserted laterally.
• Thinner foods: Use a thermistor or thermocouple thermometer to detect thinner burger patties, pork chops, or chicken breast temperatures. In the case of an instantaneous readout bimetallic coil thermometer, the probe should be inserted into the side of the food so that the entire temperature-sensitive zone (usually 2-3 ") is centrally located.Put the food with a shovel away from the heat source and insert the probe on the side of the food , To avoid the temperature in the barbecue or frying pan and burn.
• Mixing: Insert the thermometer into the casserole or other mixing dish at the thickest or center position. Eggs or dishes containing fresh meat and poultry should be measured at different locations.

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