Pressure Gauge Cases Available In Wide Variety Of Materials

Update:28 Mar 2019

A pressure gauge is a mechanical instrument designed to […]

A pressure gauge is a mechanical instrument designed to measure the internal pressure and/or vacuum of a vessel or system. Pressure Gauges are offered in a variety of styles, sizes, and wetted part materials to meet the demands of standard and special applications.


Cases are available in a wide variety of materials and configurations. The combination of material and configuration is generally determined by the demands of the application, as well as the preferences of the gauge specifier. The more demanding the environment, the more rugged the case construction (i.e., polypropylene or stainless steel for industrial applications vs.
aluminum or steel for construction or commercial applications). Gauge mounting or retrofitting needs may affect case selection (i.e., a gauge to be panel mounted will require either a front flange or u-clamp style case). For safety considerations, a “solid-front” case style may be required. Each application will have a unique set of requirements which will help guide the specifier in selecting the appropriate case style.


Under normal operating conditions, only the tube and socket assembly (Wetted Parts) of a pressure gauge will come into contact with the fluid being measured (Pressure Medium). The selection of the assembly will be determined by the composition of the medium. Air, gas, steam, water and other noncorrosive media are usually satisfied by a bronze or brass bourdon tube and brass socket assembly. Stainless steel or Monel wetted parts are used when the medium contains corrosive elements or when high operating pressures or temperatures will be encountered. A diaphragm seal is recommended for highly corrosive media or that which may solidify or deposit solids within the tube and socket assembly of the gauge. (See the Diaphragm Seal section of this catalog.)

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