Range Of Pressure Gauges

Update:22 Nov 2019

A pressure gauge can be used to measure pressure in var […]

A pressure gauge can be used to measure pressure in various ways within industrial and commercial applications. Our commercial pressure gauges for sale are suitable for many different types of processes that need to protect against harsh conditions, such as corrosion or vibration.

They are used in various industries, such as, brewing, food processing, petrochemical extraction, oil and gas refining, applications needing a hydraulic oil pressure gauge and scientific applications, and many others.

Range of pressure gauges: determined in accordance with bottom-hole conditions of the tested well or the tested reservoir. Generally, it should be 50% higher than the maximum shut-in pressure of the tested well.

When only mechanical pressure gauges were used, the main purpose of multiple well tests was to establish communication between wells. With the high accuracy pressure data available today, multiple well testing is recognized as a very powerful testing method, more sensitive to many types of reservoir heterogeneity than single well tests.

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