Several errors in meter measurement

Update:16 Mar 2018

1. Impact error: Also known as environmental error, it […]

1. Impact error: Also known as environmental error, it refers to the additional error caused by temperature, humidity, pressure, electromagnetic field, mechanical vibration, sound, light, and radioactivity.

2. Instrument, instrument error: introduced by the instrument, the stainless steel case itself and its accessories, due to the instrument's electrical or mechanical performance is not perfect error. For example, the standard resistance in the bridge and the probe line of the oscilloscope all contain errors. Zero offsets of instruments and meters, inaccurate scales, and errors caused by non-linearity all belong to the instrumental error.

3. Personal error: error caused by the limitation of human sense organs and moving organs. For some measurements that require the help of human eyes and human ears to determine the results, as well as measurements that require manual adjustment, human error will be introduced. For example: reading wrong scales, reading wrong readings, etc.

4. Method error: refers to the error caused by the imperfect measurement method used, the theoretical basis is not strict, and some of the classic measurement methods have been modified inappropriately, that is, the error is not reflected in the expression of the measurement result. The factors, but in fact the error caused by these factors, we are also called the theoretical error. For example, when using an ordinary multimeter to measure the voltage across a high-impedance resistor in a circuit, a diversion occurs because the internal resistance of the multimeter is not high enough to cause a measurement error.

5. The use of error: also known as operating left deviation, refers to the error caused by improper installation, adjustment, arrangement, use in the process of using the instrument. For example: if the instrument should be placed vertically and placed horizontally, the instrument is badly grounded, because the test lead is too long to cause loss or does not consider the impedance match, not according to the operating procedures without preheating, adjustment, calibration, etc., There will be usage errors.

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