The Dials Of Pressure Gauges

Update:06 Mar 2020

The dials of pressure gauges come in various sizes. The […]

The dials of pressure gauges come in various sizes. They range from “1.5 to 16” diameters. Generally, the ease with which the gauge could be read, space limitations and accuracy requirements determines the dial size.

Larger dial size pressure gauges are required in areas of a plant that are not accessible while smaller sizes are may be required for areas that are easily accessible. The need for higher accuracy in an application may require that a pressure gauge of considerable dial size be used in a given location so as to enable the easy display of small pressure increments.

Pressure Gauges are available with a variety of connections including NPT, DIN, JIS, BSP & SAE. Process pressure gauges with 41?2? dial sizes or larger are most often supplied with a 1?2? NPT connection to best support the gauge.

The main factors to consider when selecting a pressure gauge connection include process pressures, gauge size and weight, space limitations, leak integrity, and of course past experience.

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