The Focus Application Of Stainless Steel And Mild Steel

Update:27 Sep 2018

Stainless steel, any one of a family of alloy steels us […]

Stainless steel, any one of a family of alloy steels usually containing 10 to 30 percent chromium. It is called stainless steel because of having a resistant property to stains like rust and corrosion. It is also called inox steel. But for having resistant to rust or oxidation it must contain minimum of 12-15% chromium by weight.


Most stainless steels are first melted in electric-arc or basic oxygen furnaces and subsequently refined in another steelmaking vessel, mainly to lower the carbon content. In the argon-oxygen decarburization process, a mixture of oxygen and argon gas is injected into the liquid steel. By varying the ratio of oxygen and argon, it is possible to remove carbon to controlled levels by oxidizing it to carbon monoxide without also oxidizing and losing expensive chromium. Thus, cheaper raw materials, such as high-carbon ferrochromium, may be used in the initial melting operation.


Stainless steel beats mild steel in terms of popularity slightly. They both carry a great number of similarities and differences. On one hand, you have a kind of steel that only requires polishing and on the other; you have one, which requires galvanizing in order to become rust resistant.


As for durability, Stainless steel fall in to the category of raw materials, which is more durable. Mild steel is much more malleable and costs lesser in comparison to stainless steel, which makes it perfect for large-scale industries.


Businesses that aim to save money mostly use mild steel for their large projects. Industries that do not require much attention to rust happily use mild steel.


Stainless steel products enjoy pristine appearance and to maintain such looks, they only require constant cleaning. Cleaning stainless steel products is not a hard task because it does not require any additional effort.


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