The function and use method of the three-coordinate measuring machine?

Update:11 Sep 2020

The three axes of the three-axis coordinate measuring i […]

The three axes of the three-axis coordinate measuring instrument are equipped with pneumatic brake opening and closing and micro-motion devices, which can realize single-axis precision transmission and adopt high-performance data acquisition system.

Function: used in product design, mold equipment, gear measurement, blade measurement machinery manufacturing, tooling fixtures, auto mold parts, electronic appliances and other precision measurement.


The measurement methods of a coordinate measuring machine (CMM) can generally be divided into contact measurement, non-contact measurement, and contact and non-contact measurement.


Among them, the contact measurement method is often used for the measurement of machined products, pressed products, metal films, etc. In order to analyze the processing data of the workpiece, or provide the original information of the workpiece for reverse engineering, it is often necessary to scan the surface of the measured workpiece with a coordinate measuring machine. This article takes the three-coordinate FOUNCTION-PRO type three-coordinate measuring machine as an example to introduce several common scanning methods and operating steps of the three-coordinate measuring machine.

The scanning operation of the coordinate measuring machine is to use the PC DMIS program to collect data points in a specific area on the surface of the measured object. The area can be a line, a patch, a section of a part, a curve of a part, or a certain distance from the edge.The scan type is related to the measurement mode, probe type, and whether there is a CAD file, etc. The "Scan" option on the control screen is determined by the status button (Manual/DCC). If the DCC method is used for measurement and there is a CAD file, the available scanning methods are "Open Linear", "Closed Linear", "Patch", and "Section" ) And "Perimeter" scanning; if the DCC method is used for measurement and there are only wireframe CAD files, you can choose "Open Linear", "Closed Linear" and "Panel" (Patch) scan mode; if manual measurement mode is used, only the basic "Manul TTP Scan" mode can be used; if manual measurement mode and rigid probe are used, the available option is "fixed interval" ( Fixed Delta), "Variable Delta", "Time Delta" and "Body Axis Scan" methods.

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