What are the parts of a thermometer?

Update:14 Aug 2020

1. Electronic bai thermometer It consists of four parts […]

1. Electronic bai thermometer

It consists of four parts. The head is a temperature-sensitive component, the shaft is a digital temperature display, the side is a power switch button, and the end is a battery box and cover. The electronic thermometer is intuitive, easy to carry, small and novel, not easy to damage, and is easier to keep than ordinary mercury thermometers.High quality pressure gauge flange

2. Resistance thermometer

Material composition: Metal thermometers mainly use pure metals such as platinum, gold, copper, nickel, and rhodium iron, phosphor bronze alloys; semiconductor thermometers mainly use carbon, germanium, etc.



3. Thermocouple thermometer

Material composition: This kind of thermometer is mostly composed of copper-constantan, iron-constantan, nickel inscription-constantan, gold cobalt-copper, platinum-rhodium, etc.

4. The pointer thermometer is a thermometer shaped like a dashboard, also called a cold and heat meter.

The bimetal is used as the temperature sensing element to control the pointer. The bimetal is usually riveted with copper and iron, and the copper is on the left and the iron is on the right.

Because the thermal expansion and contraction effect of copper is more obvious than that of iron, when the temperature rises, the copper sheet pulls the iron sheet to bend to the right, and the pointer deflects to the right (pointing to high temperature) under the drive of the bimetallic sheet; , The temperature becomes lower, and the pointer deflects to the left under the drive of the bimetal (pointing to low temperature).

5. Pressure thermometer

Basic structure: consists of three parts: temperature bulb, capillary tube and indicator table

6. Rotating thermometer

Basic structure: The rotating thermometer is made of a rolled bimetallic sheet. One end of the bimetal is fixed, and the other end is connected to the pointer.

7. Thermocouple thermometer

Basic structure: The thermocouple thermometer is composed of two different metals connected to a sensitive voltmeter.

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