Explosion-Proof DrBullet Cameras BL-EX900-IA

Application scenario.
The equipment has obtained the highest certification for Class II explosion-proof level and the highest certification for temperature (T) level and is suitable for use in Zone 0, Zone 1, and Zone 2 places with an environment of IIA, IIB, IIC, explosive mixtures formed by T1 to T6 groups of explosive and flammable gases and air, and explosive and flammable dust mixed with air to form Zone 20, Zone 21, Zone 22 explosive hazardous places other than coal mine methane gas, other explosive gases, and dust environment. Such as refining, oil extraction, gas extraction, chemical industry, fireworks production, grain processing and storage, gas stations, and other environments.

Product characteristics.
- Explosion-proof marking: Exd IIC T6 Gb /ExtD A21 IP68 T80℃
- Protection level: IP68
- Product standard: Q/006-2016
- Stainless steel design, double explosion-proof certification
- Wide voltage design supports customized AC/DC POE power supply
- Window glass precision treatment, with self-cleaning function, with the use of a hydrofluoric acid environment
- Integrated structure design, no external cable between the head and the camera
- Long-term stable operation at temperatures from -30°C to +60°C, with optional temperature control device, more adaptable to long time low-temperature environment.
- 360° continuous rotation in the horizontal direction, +90° (downwards) to -90° (upwards) in the vertical direction
- Horizontal speed 0.1° to 200°/s, vertical speed 0.1° to 50°/s
- Timing task function with preset point / auxiliary output / various scanning methods
- Suitable for flammable and explosive hazardous locations with harsh environments
- Built-in multi-protocol decoder board, multiple control protocols, corresponding to a variety of control systems (optional preset position)
- Indoor and outdoor installation, all-weather use, easy installation, simple maintenance
- Efficient array infrared technology, night vision distance up to 100m
- Desktop/wall mounting options according to different installation scenarios


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