Causes of errors in pressure gauges

Update:19 Apr 2018

The pressure gauge is used to realize pressure measurem […]

The pressure gauge is used to realize pressure measurement in production and life. The pressure gauge indicates the accuracy of pressure gauge indication. The pressure gauge indicates whether it is accurate and whether there are errors. In addition to some factors of the pressure gauge itself, external factors will also affect the indication result.

1, affected by the overload
The overload operation of the pressure gauge does not mean that the indicator value of the pressure gauge reaches the dial, but actually the elastic element of the pressure gauge is already in the extreme limit state when it exceeds the position of 2/3 of the full scale. Pressure gauges work long-term under overload conditions, and their internal elastic elements such as spring tubes and diaphragms will be elastically weakened or even elastically lost for a long period of time when they are in a state of extreme or near-limit deformation, resulting in permanent deformation.

2, affected by the vibration
Pressure gauges also appear to be inaccurate in a vibrating environment. Severe vibrations can directly cause deformation of the pressure gauge's elastic elements, affecting the sensitivity and accuracy of the gauge, and the user's reading of the indicated value of the gauge. The measure against the vibration of the pressure gauge is mainly the installation of the cushioning device and the damping device.

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