Correct installation of bimetal thermometer

Update:08 Jun 2018

Bimetal thermometers can correctly mount pressure gauge […]

Bimetal thermometers can correctly mount pressure gauge cases on different occasions, which not only improves efficiency but also saves time. Below we explain the relevant treatment methods for installing bimetal thermometers on different occasions.

In fact, when installing bimetal thermometers, they often encounter various problems. For example, there is a solution to the installation of universal bimetal thermometers. The main reason is that excessive force may sometimes cause damage to the dial. Although he can be wiggled, there must be a degree of exertion. During transportation and installation, you must also pay attention to the problem of the protection tube. In different situations, the precautions for installing the bimetal thermometer are different.

 When the bimetal thermometer was installed too hard, it was easy to twist the meter head to cause the indicator of the dial to move. I encountered this situation. At that time, I was screwed back with a panic. Later, I observed that the temperature indicator was okay. When the bimetal was disassembled, it was discovered that the torque of the buffer spring changed. In addition, the bimetal thermometer is prohibited from being used to protect the sleeve during transportation installation. The main reason is to ensure that the connecting rod does not bend. If it is bent, the rotation angle of the connecting rod is not, and the linear indication is inaccurate.

The use of bimetal thermometers in the field, when the use of the temperature indicator is not accurate, if the accuracy of the indication after the disassembly at the ambient temperature or the difference decreases, then the linearization of the bimetal becomes worse, this is like the deformation of the pressure gauge spring tube, not good maintenance Can only be scrapped, if the bimetal's temperature gap is always a fixed value, then it is the zero point is not accurate, can be adjusted by adjusting the buffer spring torque, but because the bimetal in the disassembly or adjustment control is greater, so you can pass Adjust the dial to make corrections. Some bimetal thermometers now have this function. By setting an adjustment knob outside the dial, the interior is connected to the dial via a gear, and the direction of the dial is used to make the indication correspond to the actual one, which is equivalent to a zero adjustment. Features.

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