Dial Thermometer Cases Are Made From Stainless Steel

Update:03 Jan 2020

A thermometer is an instrument designed to measure and […]

A thermometer is an instrument designed to measure and indicate the temperature of a specific application or condition. A Dial Thermometer (filled system thermometer) can either be read at the point of measurement or from a remote location using a desired length of capillary tubing.

Many Dial Thermometers operate using a filled thermal system. This
system consists of capillary tubing and a sensing bulb, which are filled with an expandable chemical compound. The fill is contained within the sealed thermal system, and is affected (expands or contracts) by temperature changes at the sensing bulb. As temperature increases, expanding fill travels via the capillary tube system to the bourdon tube within the instrument’s case. The expansion causes the bourdon tube to flex and the resulting motion is transmitted as a temperature measurement through a mechanical movement to the pointer and dialface.

The accuracy of a dial thermometer is expressed as a variance (plus or minus) in scale divisions.

Cases are made from stainless steel or cast aluminum. Dial Thermometers general can be directly mounted, or remotely mounted using capillary tubing, so that the measurement can be read from a convenient viewing location. Direct mounted thermometers are available with adjustable angle or universal angle connections, while remote mounted thermometers can be ordered for almost any surface or panel mounting requirement.

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