How To Make Homemade Stainless Steel Cleaner

Update:20 Dec 2019

Stainless steel is found throughout many homes, from th […]

Stainless steel is found throughout many homes, from the refrigerator in the kitchen to the trim on the living room coffee table. When you have stainless steel in the home, you quickly realize just how fast fingerprints, smudges, film and dust build up on the surface of the stainless steel. Since commercial cleaning products are costly, a homemade stainless steel cleaner will save money and effectively clean the steel.

Things You'll Need

Spray bottle
Baking soda
Cleaning cloths

Pour 2 cups hot water, 1/2 cup white vinegar and 2 tbsp. baking soda into a spray bottle. The combination of ingredients may foam when first mixed. Close the bottle once the foaming subsides.

Twist the lid on your spray bottle to adjust for a fine mist, and spray the stainless steel with a coating of the homemade cleaner.

Wipe the solution off with a clean, dry cloth following the grain of the steel.

Continue until all steel is cleaned, and always thoroughly dry the steel with the clean, dry cloth to prevent streaking.

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