Gauges And Meter And Gauge Pressure

Update:20 Nov 2018

Gauges are used for measuring magnitude or amount, such […]

Gauges are used for measuring magnitude or amount, such as the thickness of wire, the dimensions of a machined part, the amount of liquid in a container, steam pressure, capacity etc. A few types of gauges are air pressure gauges, oil pressure gauge and differential pressure gauges.


It is used as a reference for the setting of measuring equipment used in machine shops such as micrometers, sine bars, calipers, and dial indicators. gauge glass pin is similar to a gauge block. It is a precision ground cylindrical bar for use in Go/no go gauges or similar applications.


Gauge pressure is the pressure measured relative to the ambient atmospheric pressure.


A gauge measures the difference or gradient. A meter is a simple linear measurement and does not indicate necessarily indicate the gradient.

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