How to know the model of the pressure gauge?

Update:13 Nov 2020

Y Omote jar diameter: dao 40, 60, 80, 100, 150. Y40 Chi […]

Y Omote jar diameter: dao 40, 60, 80, 100, 150.

Y40 China bai screw du 100 import scale zhi dimension 10 * 1 entrance G1 / 8ZG1 / 8 1/8 NPT.

Y60 China Threaded Scale Size 14 * 1.5 Entrance G1 / 4ZG1 / 41 / 4NPT.

Y100 Chinese threaded size 20 * 1.5 Entrance G1 / 2ZG1 / 21 / 2NPT.

Y150 harmony Y100 capital city. dao

YX representative electrical contact pressure table.China Pressure gauge dials Suppliers

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1. Work principle

Pressure force table Passage table Internally sensitive source (wave climbing tube, membrane, wave tube) -like elastic shape change, re-existence table Internal conversion table General pressure type change

Second, main structure

Overflow hole: Wakagen wave climbing tube Explosive emergency urgency,

Internal pressure force General overflow hole outward exposure, prevention glass face plate explosion. Note: Normal performance of the overflow hole that is maintained, a space of 10 mm at the back of the demand table, impossible modification or blockage overflow hole.

Fingering: Excluded, non-standard fingering, and other fingering.

Glass face plate: Excluded standard quasi-glass, other special materials glass, glassed glass, non-reflective glass.

Performance classification: Normal type (standard), normal type for steam steam (M), heat resistant type (H), vibration resistant type (V), vibration resistant type for steam steam (MV), heat resistant vibration resistant type (HV).

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