Where is the pressure gauge pointer of the fire extinguisher normal?

Update:06 Nov 2020

The pointer means that the pressure Gauges socket compo […]

The pointer means that the pressure Gauges socket components for pressure gaugeis normal at the green position. The pointer area of the fire extinguisher is divided into three parts, red, green, and yellow. The red color indicates insufficient pressure, and yellow indicates excessive pressure.


When extinguishing a fire, just lift or carry the fire extinguisher to the fire site. At about 5 meters away from the burning object, pull out the safety pin of the fire extinguisher, hold the handle at the root of the horn with one hand, and hold the handle of the opening and closing valve tightly with the other.

For carbon dioxide fire extinguishers without spray hoses, the horn should be raised 70-90 degrees. When in use, do not directly grasp the outer wall of the loudspeaker or the metal connecting pipe to prevent frostbite. When extinguishing a fire, when the combustible liquid burns in a flowing state, the user sprays the jet of carbon dioxide fire extinguishing agent from near to far to the flame.

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