Which measuring instruments need MSA?

Update:26 Sep 2020

MSA must be done for measuring instruments that measure […]

MSA must be done for measuring instruments that measure the key characteristics of bai products. du

Verify that the measurement system complies with the design specifications. There are two main purposes: dao

(1) In order to determine whether the measurement system has the required statistical characteristics, this must be done before use.

(2) Find out the environmental factors that have a major impact on the measurement system such as temperature and humidity, and determine the use space and environment

When performing MSA analysis, it is recommended to use Minitab software to analyze the source of variation and calculate Gage R&R and P/T. And according to the characteristics of the measurement components, the measurement system can be analyzed for the cross-type and nested components respectively.

Two, statistical characteristics

1. The measurement system must be under statistical control, which means that the variation in the measurement system can only be caused by ordinary reasons rather than special reasons. This can be called statistical stability.

2. The variation of the measurement system must be smaller than the variation of the manufacturing process

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