What are the commonly used earthwork measuring instruments and methods?

Update:15 Oct 2020

Elevation measurement, angle measurement, distance meas […]

Elevation measurement, angle measurement, distance measurement, point measurement
Elevation du measurement
The first is rapid precision leveling, which has fast readings and high accuracy. Compared with the traditional dao precision leveling, it can increase the work efficiency by 30%-50%. It is used for the deformation and settlement observation of buildings and the precision installation measurement Safety glasses for pressure gauge surface lensof industrial equipment.
The second is that the electronic digital level is connected to the computer, which can realize real-time and automatic continuous elevation measurement, and can realize the integration of internal and external business information with the support of application software. Third, it has a wider range of applications in standard surveying, topographic surveying, line surveying and construction surveying.

Angle measurement
The angle measurement instrument mainly refers to theodolite. The development of theodolite can be roughly divided into three stages, namely, vernier theodolite, optical theodolite, and electronic theodolite. Although the electronic theodolite is similar in appearance to the optical theodolite, it uses a microcomputer control and an electronic angle measuring system instead of an optical reading system. Compared with the optical theodolite, it has obvious advantages. The main ones are: the electronic theodolite uses an electronic angle measuring system, which can automatically display the measurement results, realize the automation and digitization of the reading; it adopts a building block structure, which is more convenient to interact with the The digital recorder is combined into a total station electronic tachometer. If equipped with an appropriate interface, the data collected in the field can be directly input into the computer for calculation and drawing; the electronic theodolite has high angle measurement accuracy, convenient use and less human error.
Distance measurement
In terms of distance measurement, the development of surveying and mapping technology is also relatively fast. At present, the precision measurement of medium and long distances (tens of meters to several kilometers), short distances (several meters to tens of meters) and micro distances (millimeters to micrometers) and changes are measured. The measurement accuracy is very high. The precision laser rangefinder and dual-frequency laser rangefinder represented by ME5000 can reach the sub-millimeter level of measurement accuracy for medium and long distances.
Point measurement
Point measurement mainly refers to the three-dimensional coordinate measurement of points. New progress has been made in point-to-point three-dimensional coordinate measurement surveying and mapping instruments. Computer-based total stations have developed in the direction of omnipotence and intelligence with abundant software. The total station with electric motor drive and program control combines laser, communication and CCD technology to realize the full automation of measurement and is called a measurement robot. The measuring robot can automatically find and accurately sight the target, and complete the observation of a target point within 1 second. It can continuously and repeatedly observe hundreds of targets like a robot. It can be widely used in deformation monitoring and construction measurement.

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