Introduction to the three-coordinate measuring instrument

Update:27 Nov 2020

The three-coordinate measuring machine refers to an ins […]

The three-coordinate measuring machine refers to an instrument that can express the measurement capabilities of geometric shape, length, and circumferential division within the space of a hexahedron. It is also called a three-coordinate measuring machine or a three-coordinate measuring bed. The three-coordinate measuring instrument can also define "a detector that can move in three directions. It can move on three mutually perpendicular guide rails. The detector transmits signals in contact or non-contact ways. The displacement of the three axes The measuring system (such as grating ruler) calculates each point (x, y, z) of the workpiece and the instrument for measuring various functions through a data processor or computer." The measurement functions of the three-coordinate measuring instrument should include dimensional accuracy, positioning accuracy, geometric accuracy and contour accuracy. Structure type: three-axis granite, German-style movable bridge structure surrounded by all sides
Transmission mode: DC servo system + pre-loaded high precision air bearing
Length measuring system: RENISHAW open grating ruler with a resolution of 0.1μm
Probe system: Renishaw controller, Renishaw probe, Renishaw stylus
Machine: High-precision (Class 00) granite platform
Use environment: temperature (20±2)℃, humidity 40%-70%, temperature gradient 1℃/m, temperature change 1℃/h
Air pressure: 0.4 MPa-0.6 Mpa
Air flow: 25 L/min
Length accuracy MPEe: ≤2.1+L/350 (μm)
Detection ball accuracy MPEp: ≤2.1μm The three-axis adopts natural high-precision granite guide rails to ensure the same thermodynamic performance as a whole, and avoid machine accuracy errors caused by different thermal expansion coefficientsGauge socket support customization of three-axis materials.


Comparison of granite and aviation aluminum alloy
1. Aluminum alloy material has a large thermal expansion coefficient. Generally, the beam and Z-axis using aviation aluminum alloy materials will be damaged and the accuracy will be changed after several years of use, the measuring datum of the three-coordinates-grating ruler.
2. Since the three-coordinate platform is a granite structure, the main axis of the three-coordinate is also made of granite. The main shaft is made of granite while the beam and Z-axis are made of aluminum alloy and other materials. When the temperature changes, the measurement accuracy will be distorted and stabilized due to the uneven thermal expansion coefficient of the three axes.
The three-axis guide rail adopts all-natural granite four-sided full-enclosed rectangular structure, equipped with high-precision self-cleaning prestressed air bearing, which is the basis for ensuring long-term stability of the machine accuracy. At the same time, the force of the bearing is in the axial direction and the force is stable and balanced. It helps to ensure the life of machine hardware.
3. Adopt the patented technology of small holes for air venting, the air consumption is 30L/Min, and the condensation area is formed in the bearing gap to offset the heat caused by the friction of the bearing movement and increase the overall thermal stability of the equipment. Carefully study the technical indicators of each manufacturer, you will find that: Outong Precision's gas consumption is 30L/Min, while other manufacturers are between 50-150L/MIN. According to the theory of physics, when gas passes through a circular hole at a certain pressure At times, heat will be generated due to gas friction. In high-precision measurement, tiny heat will also affect the stability of accuracy. When the hole diameter is smaller than a certain diameter, it will be formed around the hole on the contrary. Condensation effect! It is the use of this physics principle and the use of Ou Tong's small hole technology to make the condensation effect exactly offset the weak heat generated by air friction during the measurement, so that the device maintains long-term temperature stability, thereby ensuring stable accuracy Sex!
Comparison of CMM bearings from major suppliers
4. All three axes adopt the original British RENISHAW gold-plated grating ruler with a resolution of 0.1um; at the same time, it is installed with one end fixed and one end freely retractable to reduce the deformation of the grating ruler.
5. The transmission system adopts international advanced design, without any deformation of the guide rail, ensuring the accuracy and stability of the machine to the greatest extent. The use of steel wire reinforced synchronous belt transmission structure effectively reduces the vibration during high-speed movement (increased), with high strength, high speed and no wear.
6. The software is the industry benchmark RATIONAL-DMIS, which is fully certified by PTB. It is powerful and easy to learn, allowing you to focus more on product measurement rather than learning software.
 There are large parts and assemblies that are not suitable for moving (such as aircraft parts, transportation tools, engineering machinery parts, large welding stamping parts, large forgings, large castings, etc.)
 Need three coordinate measuring machine
 For those who do not have three-coordinate measuring equipment, but need to measure, the company can provide three-coordinate measuring equipment rental (rental)
Need to go to the outsourcing unit to test the product, and the outsourcing unit does not have three-coordinate measuring equipment
 Online inspection and measurement
 Calibration and testing of inspection tools and fixtures
Calibration and testing of automobile welding fixtures and inspection tools
 Pipe fitting inspection and measurement
 Reverse scanning of the whole vehicle

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