Need To Select The Right Pressure Gauge

Update:22 Feb 2020

Generally, Pressure Gauges and Differential Pressure Ga […]

Generally, Pressure Gauges and Differential Pressure Gauges are provided with Micrometer type Pointer, by which zero can be adjusted after opening the Bezel & Glass.

Mechanical pressure gauges, which require no external power, provide an affordable and reliable source of accurate pressure measurement. The need to select the right pressure gauge requires that the device be accurately specified otherwise numerous problems might surface in the course of using a wrongly selected gauge.

The factors discussed here are by no means exhaustive but they are the main things that will assist you to select the right type of pressure gauge. For the right specification and selection process, consult the manufacturer of the particular gauge you intend to use.

Pressure gauges should be selected by considering the factors below to prevent misapplication. Improper application can be detrimental to the gauge, causing failure and possible personal injury or property damage.

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