Precautions when installing pressure gauges

Update:22 Jun 2018

The installation of pressure gauge movements is a syste […]

The installation of pressure gauge movements is a systematic process. In fact, the function of the pressure gauge itself must be completed through the entire system. In addition to the correct installation of the pressure gauge, attention must be paid to the correct installation of the system. The installation of pressure gauges requires a lot of attention, including the following aspects.

The installation of pressure gauges and the selection of measurement points should be as close as possible. Pressure gauges work under short-distance conditions and can provide better instructions to avoid indication delay. The installation of pressure instruments should also pay attention to the tightness of the entire system, especially when dealing with toxic or hazardous or inflammable and explosive media, it should be noted that no leakage phenomenon can occur.

The installation of the pressure gauge system mainly includes the selection of pressure ports, the laying of pipelines and the installation of pressure gauges themselves. The selection of the pressure port of the pressure meter should be correct. The position of the pressure port determined in the process flow should be able to ensure that the selected process parameters are measured. The laying of the pressure instrument pipeline must take into account the accuracy of the entire system measurement, and properly adjust the position and inclination of the pipeline.

The installation of pressure instruments should pay attention to the balance and stability of the instrument. The pressure instrument itself should be installed perpendicular to the horizontal plane, and the measurement point of the pressure instrument should also be kept at the same level as the installation of the pressure instrument. If it is unable to maintain the same level, it must be carried out. Height error correction.

Pressure instruments may be equipped with additional equipment during installation. For example, in order to ensure that pressure gauges are not affected by the corrosion and crystallization of the medium, pressure gauges are equipped with isolation facilities, or they are installed to ensure the vibration resistance of pressure gauges. Buffers, etc., The installation of these pressure meter attachments must be ensured that no additional errors are generated and the measurement accuracy of the entire pressure meter system is not affected.

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