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Update:13 Jun 2018

It is capable of detecting, measuring, observing, and c […]

It is capable of detecting, measuring, observing, and calculating various physical quantities, material compositions, physical parameters, and other apparatus or equipment. Can also have automatic control, alarm, signal transmission and data processing and other functions, such as pneumatic regulators, electric adjustment instruments, and distributed instrument control systems are also instrumentation.

In scientific research experiments, precision test systems, automatic detection and control systems, and various management automation systems, instrumentation is an important technical tool.

The instrumentation industry includes more than 20 professional categories such as instrumentation and measuring instruments, namely electrical instrumentation, electronic measuring instruments, analytical instruments, industrial automation instruments, optical instruments, timing instruments, navigation guidance instruments, testing machines, laboratory instruments, General Instrumentation Components, Agriculture, Forestry, Animal Husbandry and Fishery Instrumentation, Geological Seismographs, Meteorological Oceanography, Hydrological Astronomical Instruments, Nuclear Instruments, Medical Instruments and Equipment, Metrology Instruments, Scales, Marine Instruments, Automotive Instruments, and Other General Instrumentation Wait. According to the main service targets and fields of products, the instrumentation industry is generally summarized into four categories: production process measurement and control instruments and systems, scientific test instruments, punching metal parts,special instrumentation, instrumentation materials and components.

The distribution of China's instrumentation industry is dominated by the development and production of general-purpose instrumentation for mechanical systems. The Ministry of Information Industry, the Ministry of Education, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the State Administration of Pharmacy, and the metallurgy, petrochemical, light industry, coal, power companies, surveying and mapping, and weapons, aerospace, and aviation , the shipbuilding industry and other systems develop and produce various kinds of special instruments and meters; among them are the Chinese Academy of Sciences (Scientific Test Instruments), the Ministry of Information Industry (communications and electronic measuring instruments), weapons, ships and aerospace systems (military ancillary products), and light industrial systems ( Weighing), the State Pharmaceutical Administration (medical equipment and equipment) is stronger.

1. Internationally, instrumentation is an independent industry and product area. It is neither mechanical nor electronic. The content also includes the watch industry. The
2. According to the administrative jurisdiction of the industry, China’s cultural and office equipment industries such as film machinery, cameras and copiers have long been classified into the instrumentation industry. The
3. With the development of computers, computer applications have become increasingly widespread among various measurement and control devices. In particular, computer and software in regulating control systems involve industry classification and policy preferences.

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