Pressure gauge for spring tube material requirements

Update:11 Oct 2017

Pressure gauge is a common measuring instrument, widely […]

Pressure gauge is a common measuring instrument, widely used in various fields, it can visually show the pressure changes in various processes, insight into the conditions of the product or media processes to monitor the production process of the safety trends, and through automatic chain Or sensor devices, to build a fast and reliable security, in order to prevent accidents, protect personal and property safety has played an important role, known as the safety of the "eyes." In the production of pressure gauges in the process, the requirements of the spring tube is also very strict, must have sufficient pipe end displacement, tube end force and smaller internal stress. Specifically, for low-pressure elastic tubes, it requires a higher sensitivity (greater displacement) and a larger tube end force (which can drive the movement of the movement and the pointer); for medium and high pressure spring tube requires a smaller Internal stress to ensure the stability and safety of the spring tube in use.
   Under normal circumstances the requirements of the spring tube material have the following:
   (1) has a good plastic, easy processing;
   (2) higher elastic limit, strength limit and fatigue limit, to ensure that the instrument work;
   (3) good welding performance, easy to braze and welding;
   (4) mechanical properties of stability, elastic modulus of the temperature coefficient is small;
   (5) better corrosion resistance.

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