Reasons to use a refrigerator thermometer

Update:04 Oct 2017

• Bacteria that cause food-borne illness can double eve […]

• Bacteria that cause food-borne illness can double every 20 minutes at room temperature, so it is important to ensure that the food is frozen at the correct temperature
• The function of the refrigerator is to slow down the growth of the bacteria while the freezer stops the growth of the bacteria
• In general, the temperature range of your home freezer is 36 ° F-45 ° F. Overcooling can cause ice to freeze in your home, while foods above 45 ° F can deteriorate
• The US Food and Drug Administration recommends that frozen foods be kept at 45 ° F or below
• A general thermometer in a refrigerator is only used to indicate the temperature setting and does not accurately measure the actual temperature of the food
• Summer and winter temperature settings need to be adjusted. Using a refrigerator thermometer is the only way to ensure correct temperature and food safety
• When the food in the refrigerator is increased, the temperature may rise or the temperature of the food may become uneven. Put the refrigerator thermometer next to the corresponding food, to ensure the correct temperature of food refrigeration
• All fridges have hotter and colder locations with colder backs and bottoms and hotter food shelves with doors, especially when the door is open, place the thermometer at these critical points and adjust the temperature of the fridges Anti-food deterioration
• If the actual temperature of the refrigerator is too low, the power consumption of the refrigerator will increase. Using an accurate thermometer and adjusting the required temperature can help save electricity

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