Reasons for the error of the float flowmeter to increase

Update:28 May 2021

1. The gas medium is greatly affected by temperature an […]

1. The gas medium is greatly affected by temperature and pressure
The flowmeter is calibrated before leaving the factory. The flow scale is calibrated according to the temperature and density of the medium provided by the user. The gas medium is greatly affected by temperature and pressure, so the user is required to provide accurate and commonly used temperature values.Stainless steel metal pressure gauge socket
2. The density of the liquid medium varies greatly
Before the meter is calibrated, the medium is converted according to the density given by the user and converted into the flow of water in the calibration state for calibration. Therefore, if the density of the medium changes greatly, it will cause a large error in the measurement. The solution can be to bring the changed medium density into the formula and convert it into an error correction coefficient, and then multiply the flow rate measured by the flowmeter by the coefficient and convert it to the real flow rate.
3. Long-term use and pipeline vibration
A variety of factors cause the movable parts of the float flowmeter to loosen the sensing magnets, pointers, counterweights, and rotating magnets, causing large errors. Solution: You can verify by pushing the pointer first. First press the pointer at the RP position to see if the output is 4mA and the flow meter shows 0%, and then verify according to the scale in turn. If you find any discrepancies, you can adjust the position of the parts.OEM stainless steel Movement parts
4. The installation does not meet the requirements
Generally, the float flowmeter is installed vertically, and the inclination angle of the flowmeter cannot exceed 20 degrees during installation. Of course, some parts are installed horizontally. For horizontal installation, the float flowmeter must be kept horizontal, and the inclination angle is not more than 20 degrees. Chengfeng instrument reminds users that there should be no ferromagnetic objects in the 100mm space around.

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