Specifying a custom pressure gauge

Update:27 Mar 2018

When specifying a custom pressure gauge, it is often th […]

When specifying a custom pressure gauge, it is often the case that the face gets all the attention. Care is taken to make sure that the correct colors are used to highlight the desired ranges for different zones. Also that the logo is situated where is should be and looks proper.

Most of the expense in custom pressure gauge is in accounting for a custom SKU and the lower volume production run. Maintaining drawings and artwork etc is a significant cost that requires constant vigilance. And when a gauge that is not a standard item for the manufacturer is produced, it is almost always at a lower volume than their normal production run.

So while the appearance of the gauge is gone over with a fine toothed comb, its mechanical properties are often ignored. You will find many examples of a gauge with a nice looking custom face, which is threaded into an adapter fitting and then threaded into its point of measure. This is often not necessary.

Given that this is the case, why not customize the mechanical features of the gauge to fit your application. There are many areas that can be modified in such a way that it is not only economical, but will save money when installation and extra fittings are taken into account.

It is not just the face or the fitting that can be modified economically. Almost all of the components can be modified to improve your application. If you use a panel mounted gauge, the U clamp can be modified. The length of the studs that come out the back of the gauge can also be modified.


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