Talk about the connection between the digital pressure gauge and the tested institution

Update:14 Jul 2021

The sensor and display processing part of the digital p […]

The sensor and display processing part of the digital pressure gauge adopts an integrated design structure, and the application is concise. The appearance and the measured organization are directly connected by threads, and there is no requirement for the appearance of the appearance. In the use of measurement, the approximate pressure scale of the target to be measured should be estimated to avoid mechanical damage to the sensor due to excessive pressure exceeding the measurement scale. The pressure response time of the digital pressure gauge is 2S.Brass Assembling movement of Precision Pressure Gauge
The digital pressure gauge is classified as an electromechanical product and uses liquid crystal display technology. Using it under strong light will shorten the service life of the LCD screen, and may make the data unclear. The factory will not be responsible for the result of the accident. The surface wetted part is made of stainless steel metal material and dispersed silicon sensor. The medium for measuring strong acid and strong alkali should be selected with a barrier-type digital pressure gauge. The digital pressure gauge uses lithium batteries that cannot be recharged, and the batteries after use should be properly disposed of (it can be mailed back to our factory for unified disposal) to avoid environmental pollution.

When using at high temperature or low temperature (greater than 85°C, less than -30°C), a radiator should be added when the temperature exceeds 85°C, otherwise the measurement accuracy cannot be guaranteed, and the lithium battery may explode in the case of excessively high temperature. Attention should also be paid to the external temperature during storage or transportation. Because the digital pressure gauge is an electronic product that is used in a strong electromagnetic field, it will cause appearance problems, resulting in inaccurate indications or impossible to show at all, but it will not cause substantial damage to the appearance.

Different appearances have different pressure measurement scales. Under normal circumstances, they can be used within 10% of the range. Further over-range use may cause mechanical damage to the sensor, resulting in leakage of measured gas or liquid. This damage cannot be recovered. Yes, as a result of this, the factory does not assume any successive responsibilities.

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