The use method and function characteristics of gps measuring instrument

Update:21 Jul 2021

GPS area bai measuring instrument: After turning on, en […]

GPS area bai measuring instrument: After turning on, enter the area measuring instrument, press zhi after start, hold the machine in your hand or put it in the pocket of dao, walk around the piece of land you want to measure stainless steel pressure gauge suppliersand press stop. Can directly display the area, how many acres, length, average altitude, and total price.

GPS area measuring instrument uses GPS global satellite positioning system to provide real-time navigation and positioning information such as longitude, latitude, and elevation. Using GPS positioning function, the coordinates of each point are obtained, and the distance, area and other data are calculated by mathematical methods.
1. Compact and beautiful, easy to carry and flexible. Powered by rechargeable battery, easy to charge and maintain.

2. The graph is displayed while walking, and the measurement is displayed directly on the large screen simultaneously.

3. In addition to measuring the projected area, it can also measure the slope area.

4. The recorded measurement graph can be viewed at any time, and the distance between any two points in the measurement graph can be calculated, which is convenient for engineering surveying and calculation.

5. The boundary can be modified to make the measurement more realistic and accurate.

6. After the unit price is set, the settlement price can be directly issued.

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