What are the classifications of steel instrument protection boxes?

Update:10 Sep 2021

 The instrument protection (heat preservation) box is a […]

 The instrument protection (heat preservation) box is a heat preservation (protection) box made of glass fiber reinforced plastic, which has the characteristics of light weight, high strength, strong corrosion resistance, and good insulation performance.
 The steel insulation (protection) box has the advantages of high strength and firm installation, but it is heavy and difficult to transport, and has poor sealing and corrosion resistance.
The incubator has two types: electric heating and steam heating:
1. The steam tracing of the steel instrument protection box can make full use of the low-pressure steam at the production site, which is economical, safe and reliable, but the insulation pipeline is required to be as short as possible, suitable for general places and occasions with special requirements for explosion protection.
2 The instrument protection (heat preservation) box adopts electric heating as the heat source. Compared with the steam heat source, the length of the heat preservation pipeline is not limited, the installation is convenient, energy saving, and it is widely used in occasions where there is no steam source.

Adopting advanced design concept, using glass fiber reinforced plastic as raw material, beautiful appearance, small structure, light weight, strong interchangeability and other characteristics. The upper and lower boxes have the same structural size and can be interchanged; the upper and lower boxes are connected by hinges and are equipped with buckles. The box is equipped with bracing rods to support the lid. If you need to open the lid of the box, just loosen the buckle and lift the upper box up to 90°C, which is convenient for the installation and adjustment of the instruments in the box. The thermal insulation (protection) box of this structure is suitable for the use of instrument two-valve, three-valve, five-valve and pressure transmitters, differential pressure transmitters, pressure gauges, pressure switches and other instruments. The instrument valve group can be directly connected to the bottom or side surface of the incubator, which saves the installation board and installation pillars in the incubator, and reduces the volume of the incubator. The heating method in the incubator can be divided into two types: electric heating and steam tracing. Steam tracing can be divided into direct heating with the valve body as a heating body and steam radiating pipe heating. This installation method installs the components in the box more reasonably, so the volume of the required incubator can be greatly reduced.
1 The protective function of the instrument protection (heat preservation) box: the instrument heat preservation (protection) box can prevent the instruments installed on the production site, such as the transmitter of the pneumatic or electric unit combination instrument and the double glass tube differential pressure gauge. The role of external mechanical damage, and can protect the instrument and transmitter from the atmosphere, sunlight, rain and corrosive gases.
2 The insulation function of the instrument protection (heat preservation) box: the heat preservation box prevents the instrument installed in the instrument insulation box, the transmitter and the medium in the pipeline from freezing, condensation, crystallization, precipitation, vaporization, etc., to ensure that the instrument is allowed by the regulations Work normally within the working range.

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