What is the difference between a pressure gauge for ammonia and a general pressure gauge?

Update:05 Feb 2021

1. The application bai is different ①Ammonia pressure g […]

1. The application bai is different

①Ammonia pressure gauge du is designed to measure the pressure of ammonia liquid, gas or mixtures of equipment or other ammonia in the process of fertilizer production;

②General pressure gauges are designed to use spring tubes as elastic sensitive components to measure and indicate higher than ambient pressure.


2. Different characteristics

①Ammonia pressure gaugeHigh quality stainless steel pressure gauge socket is a special type instrument, and it will explode if it comes in contact with copper and copper alloy;

②General pressure gauges belong to the on-site indicating pressure gauge, which displays the pressure on the spot.

3. Different objects

①Ammonia pressure gauge is used for ordinary carbon steel, alloy structural steel, austenitic stainless steel and tin-lead alloy brazing material without corrosive effect, amorphous and solidified ammonia and ammonia liquid media;

②General pressure gauges are used for liquid, gas or steam that are non-explosive, non-crystalline, non-solidified, and non-corrosive to copper and copper alloys.

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