What is the difference between a pressure transmitter and a pressure gauge?

Update:23 Jun 2020

1. The usage method is different Pressure transmitter i […]

1. The usage method is different

Pressure transmitter is du used in active control. The pressure gauge is directly installed in the pipeline, and dao directly selects the pipeline pressure.


2. Different concepts

The pressure gauge is an instrument that uses elastic elements as sensitive elements to measure and indicate pressure higher than the environment. It is extremely common in applications, and it is used in almost all industrial processes and scientific research fields.

Pressure transmitter is a device that converts pressure into pneumatic signal or electric signal for control and remote transmission.

3. Different applications

The pressure transmitter can convert the physical pressure parameters such as gas and liquid felt by the pressure measuring element sensor into standard electrical signals (such as 4~20mADC, etc.) to supply secondary instruments such as indicator alarms, recorders, regulators, etc. Measurement, indication and process adjustment.

In the process of industrial process control and technical measurement, due to the characteristics of high mechanical strength and convenient production of the elastic sensitive element of the mechanical pressure gauge, the mechanical pressure gauge has been more and more widely used.

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