Is it possible to use a pressure transmitter without a pressure gauge?

Update:17 Jun 2020

The pressure gauge has a display and no output. The pre […]

The pressure gauge has a display and no output.

The pressure transmitter can be displayed or not, but there must be an output, and the output signal provides signals for other control instruments.


The difference between pressure transmitter and pressure gauge:

1. Precision requirements

The accuracy of the standard instrument required for the calibration of the pressure transmitter is much higher than that required by the dao pressure gauge.

2. Check the relationship

The pressure gauge only needs to verify the relationship between the input and output, and the pressure transmitter may need to verify the relationship between the input and the communication data.

3. Measurement qualification

Pressure gauge verification must have corresponding measurement qualifications. Pressure transmitters are generally not required except for production plants and new construction.

4. Different verification

The pressure gauge has poor accuracy, no output, and can not be operated by hand. Generally, 5 points are checked, and the difference between the back and forth is different. The intelligent pressure transmitter only needs to check the zero point and full scale.

5. Different display

The output of the pressure gauge is scale indication, and its own display ability. The pressure transmitter is a current output, which must be connected to an ammeter of the corresponding accuracy level for display.

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