What is the reading of the pressure gauge under normal pressure?

Update:22 Jan 2021

The selection of instrument type must meet the requirem […]

The selection of instrument type must meet the requirements of process production. For example, whether remote transmission, automatic recording or alarm is required; whether the nature of the measured medium (such as the temperature of the measured medium, viscosity, corrosiveness, degree of contamination, flammable and explosive, etc.) puts forward special requirements for the instrument.


The requirements of the on-site environmental conditions (such as humidity, temperature, magnetic field strength, vibration, etc.) on the type of instrument, etc. Therefore, the correct selection of the instrument type according to the process requirements is an important prerequisite to ensure the normal operation and safe production of the instrument.

For example, the spring tube of the ordinary pressure gaugepressure gauges manufacturers is mostly made of copper alloy (alloy steel is used for high pressure), while the material of the spring tube of the pressure gauge for ammonia is all carbon steel (or stainless steel). Because ammonia reacts with copper and will explode, ordinary pressure gauges cannot be used for ammonia pressure measurement.

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