Why the pressure gauge cannot indicate the pressure value correctly?

Update:09 Apr 2021

If the pressure gauge cannot indicate the pressure valu […]

If the pressure gauge cannot indicate the pressure value correctly, the indication is not accurate. Severe vibration directly causes deformation of the elastic element and damage to the pressure gauge element, which affects the sensitivity and accuracy of the pressure gaugeGauges socket components for pressure gauge and the user's reading of the pressure gauge's indicated value. The anti-vibration measures for the pressure gauge are mainly to install a buffer device or select an impact-resistant pressure gauge.

The main component of the pressure gauge is its internal spring tube. When the working temperature deviates from 20℃±5℃, the elastic modulus of the metal spring tube of the elastic element of the pressure gauge will change under the action of temperature, which will cause the displacement of the spring tube end and additional changes in temperature, which will affect the pressure measurement accuracy gauge. When using a pressure gauge, the influence of temperature on the accuracy of the pressure gauge must be minimized. It is a very direct and effective method to prevent the pressure gauge from working in an abnormal temperature environment. If it cannot be avoided, the pressure gauge should be protected from high temperature or cold, such as installing a condensing device or insulating device for the pressure gauge.
The overload operation of the pressure gauge not only means that the indicated value of the pressure gauge has reached a larger scale. In fact, when the pressure gauge exceeds 2/3 of the full scale, the elastic element of the pressure gauge is in a non-linear state. When the pressure gauge is overloaded for a long time, its internal elastic elements, such as the spring tube, will be in the limit or close to the limit deformation state for a long time, and it will eventually deform, and it will not be able to correctly indicate the pressure value. The measurement of pressure gauge overload is a pressure gauge with a larger range.

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