What are the advantages of electromagnetic flowmeters in measurement?

Update:14 Apr 2021

In the flow meter industry, there are many products wit […]

In the flow meter industry, there are many products with different measuring media, and the choice of flow meter products is also different. The diversity of media constitutes the diversity of products. Different flow meters will complement each other's advantages and achieve the effect of coordinated measurement. Daquanliu said that there are many comprehensive factors to be considered in the selection.
Electromagnetic flowmeter is a common flowmeter in the industry. It has a history of more than one hundred and two hundred years. It has been widely used in factories under the environment of technological advancement and mature technology. What is the measurement of electromagnetic flowmeter?instrument case manufacturers Advantages, Daquan Flow said that the electromagnetic flowmeter is a flowmeter product developed according to Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction. Its outstanding advantage is that it is not affected by temperature and pressure, and requires high conductivity, high measurement efficiency, and accuracy. 0.5 level.
The installation specification of electromagnetic flowmeter is actually very simple. It can be solved by strictly following the requirements of the installation manual. However, there are many working conditions during the installation process that cannot meet the requirements of the installation manual. This requires the electromagnetic flowmeter to be adjusted according to the different working conditions. Plan for positioning.

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