Do you know the Characteristics of stainless steel case?

Update:27 May 2020

The stainless steel case material type of watch is alre […]

The stainless steel case material type of watch is already the most popular watch material on the market, but because of the cumbersome manufacturing process and relatively complicated material processing, many people want to make stainless steel watches but do not reserve enough time for the watch production factory, Some high-end watches made of stainless steel have made a low-end effect. As the saying goes, there are many good things, and this is the reason for an exquisite watch.


The stainless steel case is sealed by rolling, which has good sealing performance, good stability, strong anti-corrosion resistance, durable and economical.

Characteristics of stainless steel case:

1. Sealed by rolling, with good sealing performance and good stability.

2. Strong corrosion resistance, durable and economical.

3. The outer surface is polished or processed with BA-grade surface material, which is shiny and beautiful in appearance.

4. Equipped with zero adjustment hole, convenient debugging.

Applicable scope of stainless steel case: suitable for industrial axial bimetal thermometer instruments.

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