How To Distinguish Stainless Steel Case And Alloy Case

Update:03 Jun 2020

In the face of the fiercely competitive watch market, v […]

In the face of the fiercely competitive watch market, various manufacturers frequently make moves, continue to offer discounts and promotions, and a number of very cost-effective watches emerge in the mid-end market.


The same watch, some stores claim to be stainless steel case, some say alloy case, how can I distinguish the type of case on the pictures on the Internet? If I buy it back, how do I distinguish it?

The most commonly used watches are 316L stainless steel. Just rub it with a file and you will know that the file is a copper-colored alloy shell.

It can be sucked with a magnet. The alloy is copper and it will not be sucked. Stainless steel can be sucked. But to avoid the interference of the power core, it is not possible to magnetize the watch.

It is a good idea to look at the thread locking position.

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